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Just let me be!!!

Just let me be!!!
There are some people in this world who are a part of your life who believe they truly know what’s best for you, as if they are GOD himself. They want you to conform to their ways. They want you to agree with them and to think like them, forgetting that you are your OWN person. You have your own thoughts, opinions, and your own brain. W [...]

Let today be a good day!:-)

I feel like today is going to be a great day! I’m full of joy and energy! Search within your heart, the joy that is hidden under. The same joy that was stolen from you by the enemy. Explore that joy as you carry that radiant smile that God has given you. Go out of your way to smile no matter what comes your way. Do not let your skin boi [...]

SMILE! Be Happy.

SMILE! Be Happy.
Image via Wikipedia What is happiness? Is it the feeling you get when someone says “I love you?” Or is it seeing a paycheck every week? Is it the ability to make someone else happy? Or is it the ability to do what you love? Is it going shopping every chance you get? Or is it saving your money every chance you get? What makes you [...]

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